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Longhouse Build

This project aims to bring the 1st Longhouse back to Indianwoods in over 200 years.

At the completion of this project, the 1st Longhouse on Indianwoods in over 200 years, will be standing on the lands that Skaroreh Katenuaka Nation has been able to re-acquire. These lands were part of the reservation established at the end of the Tuscarora War in 1715. By the mid 1700's, a majority of the Tuscarora had been forced off the reservation, most times moving to other parts of the Colony of North Carolina or in some instances leaving the Colony and settling in New York and Canada. By 1802, the villages and Longhouses on Indianwoods had been abandoned due to the un-ratified Treaty that year that forced the remaining Tuscarora on the reservation to leave. They were forced to either take refuge in the numerous swamps throughout present day eastern NC, or to leave the State and move to the north like those years prior.

Once our people left the reservation, it was impossible to openly practice our culture that was centered around Longhouse life, and this would continue to be the case until the 20th century, when numerous Longhouses were built in the Robeson County area. The 1st of these came about in the 1920's, with the remainder being built in the 1970's thru the 90's.

Skaroreh Katenuaka Nation has been fortunate enough to take back possession and ownership of 57 acres of the old reservation of 56,000 acres, and it is upon this land that we hope to accomplish this project's goal.

With generous donors like you, we are confident that we will be reviving our customs and ceremonial practices within the walls of our new Longhouse, which is crucial to a Nation coming out of exile. Nyaweh! Thank you!

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