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The creation of a Hemp based economy by the Skaroreh( Hemp gatherer) people.

For thousands of years, various cultures from around the world have used hemp for textiles, clothing, food, medicinal, and other reasons too many to count. The people here on Turtle Island were no different. The 1st word in our name Skaroreh literally means "Hemp Gatherers" in our language. Traditionally, our people used the fibers of hemp to weave clothing, mats for sitting and sleeping, as well as a host of other uses. Like other parts of our culture that has been lost, we strive to relearn these cultural practices and at the same time learn new ways to utilize the hemp plant to help our people financially and at the same time help the environment to purge many of the toxins that plague the landscapes of today.

Below is a brief list of ways we plan to utilize hemp grown on our lands in the near future:

  • research and develop new products that can take the place of one use items that many fast food restaurants produce such as straws, cups and lids, and packaging.

  • either partner with a company already producing, or, research and develop our own version of hempcrete that will be used as building materials for low income housing for our people, and people of all races who are in need of a safe roof over their head.

  • utilize the hemp plant to help remove harmful chemical agents saturated in the soil and or ground waters in areas in need.

  • develop new sustainable ways for the hemp plant to replace the current practice of clear cutting timber in and around Indianwoods.

Again, this is a short list of ways that we hope to utilize hemp in the future, though without funding, the infrastructure costs would be prohibitive. With generous donors like yourself, we do see a viable path forward to seeing this project to fruition.

Nyaweh, Thank you!

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