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Environmental Initiative

A Project for the Next Seven Generations

Within our culture, we are born with the responsibility of protecting the next seven generations in all that we do. In our original teachings from the Creator, it tells us that our mother Earth will provide for every need we have as long as we continue to respect and protect her by every means necessary.

Because of this Skaroreh Katenuaka Nation has decided to do it's part in protecting the environment in different ways. Below is a brief list of projects that we endeavor to accomplish.

  • Start a recycling company that will initially concentrate on the plastic problem in the U.S. Single use plastics will be processed and then transformed into other items that will inevitably reduce the amount of plastics in landfills.

  • Create a education campaign aimed towards the children of this country, instilling in them the importance of doing things that will help to sustain life on this planet.

  • Implement a hemp based program that helps to clean the water and soils of Turtle Island.

  • Partner with like minded individuals and companies who share the same vision that we feel is most important, that will help the next seven generation concept to continue.

Again, this is a short list of the types of things this project plans to implement. With generous donors like you, we are confident that our goals will be accomplished.

Nyaweh! Thank You!

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