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Cultural Revitalization

A project that will help our people to bring back lost cultural and ceremonial practices.

The effects of colonialism varies from Nation to Nation on TurtleIsland, but those Nations along the east coast have suffered longer than those on the west coast, and as a result much has been lost in regards to cultural practices. Though some vestiges of culture survived among the various Tuscarora towns still here in North Carolina, many today are on the path to reclaiming what once was lost.

Most times, those Nations who are recognized either by the state in which they live, or the federal government tend to have the resources needed to revive lost culture, but those of us with neither type recognition have a tougher time. Since North Carolina has taken the stance that there are no more Tuscarora in the state, they have crafted a narrative within their public school curriculum that teaches our children that their tribal blood is derived from anything but Tuscarora, and has changed with each new name forced upon the people over the last 140 years.

Luckily, even with so much against our people, the last few generations have made great strides in reviving lost culture, though there is much still to learn. Skaroreh Katenuaka Nation hopes to soon be able to fund salaries for individuals to teach our lost customs and traditions, as well as be able to create self sustaining businesses unique to our culture.

With generous donors like you, we know that we will see this project come to fruition soon.

Nyaweh, Thank You!

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